The Caribbean-American Advancement Foundation, Inc. joins the rank of many leading community based organizations that advocate for social and civic empowerment with the hope of making a positive difference in the lives of Americans.

Please feel free to visit the sites of our partners and let's support one another as we strengthen and empower our community.

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Census Awareness - To provide national awareness of the importance of Census Count 2020 and its effect on Caribbean-Americans' buying and political power. Understanding the economics of political empowerment.
Voter Registration - To empower Caribbean-Americans to understand the power and impact of the ballot. Click here for registration information.
Humanitarian Services - To help provide humanitarian services where possible to the Caribbean region and the community at large when needed.
Caribbean-American History Awareness - To document the achievements and contributions of Caribbean-Americans since 1619 as well as the importance of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month recognition.
Economic Development - To help foster sustainable economical development through tourism, trade, commerce to help boost the local economy.
Educational Assistance - To help organize educational seminars and workshops for the benefit of the community.

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