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Who We Are

The Caribbean-American Advancement Foundation, Inc. (C-AAF) joins the rank of many leading community based organizations that advocate for education, social and civic empowerment with the hope of helping to make a positive difference in the lives of all Americans.

For centuries Caribbean nationals have been migrating to America in pursuit of a better life and have excelled in government, entertainment, music and many other fields that have enriched this new land we love so much.

June is National Caribbean American Heritage Month, and this is a time we take to reflect on our achievements and contributions to this great country. Let us celebrate as one and make a pledge not to take our legacy and heritage for granted.

We must seek to engage in meaningful dialogue in our communities with the aim of helping to protect the history, culture and achievements of Caribbean-Americans that helped shape the rich history of America since 1619. C-AAF’s goal is to provide educational forums and seminars that will encourage meaningful dialogue and actions that are designed to drive sustainable growth and development in our communities.

We invite you to lend a hand and help make a difference in your community.



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